Meet Our Team Meet Our Team Dr Karen Stockin - Co-directer of C-MRG On survey in the Hauraki Gulf 200337980 Dr Laureline Meynier- Researcher Collecting scat samples in the field 200337914 Prof Mark Orams - Founding member of C-MRG Founding member of C-MRG and original director 200337912 Emma Betty - PhD Student and Marine Technical Officer 200337917 Marti Anderson - Co-Director of C-MRG Aboard Massey's research dive vessel the RV Poisson 200337992 Wendi Roe - Vet Pathologist Measuring a common dolphin 200337915 Krista Rankmore - PhD Student 200337918 Anna Meissner - PhD Student 200337989 Emmanuelle Martinez - Research Associate Tracking Hector's dolphins in Akaroa Harbour with a theodolite 200337913 Dr Gabriel Machovsky-Capuska 200337990 Dan Godoy - PhD Student 200337919 Laura Torre - MSc student Attending a live stranding of pilot whales at Spirits Bay, Northland 200337929 Sarah Dwyer - PhD Student 200337991