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Stuff Northland (13/04/2016). Urgent intervention needed to keep dolphins at bay 

TVNZ (08/04/2016). Boaties driving bottlenose dolphins away from Bay of Islands - study

New Zealand Herald (08/04/2016). Loving dolphins too much

Radio NZ (07/04/2016). Boaties could drive dolphins from Bay of Islands

Scoop NZ (07/04/2016). Working with Bay of Island boat owners to protect dolphins 

Scoop NZ (07/04/2016). Report finds Bay of Islands bottlenose dolphin at risk

The Northern Advocate (14/03/2016). Tissue samples will help experts learn more about whales

Stuff New Zealand (17/12/2015). Blair Outhwaite dolphin man 

New Zealand Herald (01/04/2015). Endangered dolphin hot-spot discovered at Great Barrier Island

Barrier Bulletin (04/02/12). Dolphin Research on Great Barrier 

North Shore Times (30/08/2011). Sarah's counting dolphins 

North Harbour News (18/02/2011). Call for more care 

New Zealand Herald (17/02/2011). Dolphin death sparks a call for extra vigilance

Voxy (16/02/2011). Dolphin death highlights need for care in boats 

TVNZ (16/02/2011). Warning after dolphin killed in collision with boat 

New Zealand Herald (16/02/2011). Boaties warned to be vigilant after dolphin's death

Rodney Times (23/09/2010). Baby dolphin washes up

North Shore Times (30/04/2010). Little gained from dolphin postmortem 

Marine Connection (10/12/2009). Rare white common dolphin sighted

The Marlborough Express (27/08/2009). Rare white dolphin seen in Marlborough Sounds

New Zealand Geographic Trust (15/12/2008). Common dolphin project

New Zealand Geographic Trust (1/11/2008). Common sense

Auckland (03/04/2008). Dolphin status queried

Science Alert (21/03/2008). Fishing nets threaten dolphins

New Zealand Herald (20/03/2008). Net loss brings warning on dolphins

Scoop (19/03/2008). Minister has got it wrong on Dolphin deaths

The Northern Advocate (9/10/2007). Marine researcher fears for dolphins

New Zealand Herald (8/10/2007). Rise in tourism poses threat to gulf's dolphins

New Zealand Herald (15/12/2004). Dolphins up the creek without a compass





New Zealand Herald (06/07/2016). Rare sighting of sperm whale

Stuff New Zealand (09/10/2015). 12-year-old captures orca hunting and eating dolphin in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf

Radio NZ (22/11/2014). Dolphins die after Far North stranding 

The Northern Advocate (22/11/2014). Quick action by residents helps dolphins out to sea

Otago Daily Times (19/09/2014). 'Unique' porpoise washes up on peninsula 

Stuff New Zealand (11/09/2014). Pod pushed orca to surface

New Zealand Herald (31/08/2014). Orca pod spotted hunting in Auckland harbour

Stuff New Zealand (11/07/2014). DOC investigates porpoise death

New Zealand Herald (01/04/2014). Saving our sea life: Snapper snapshot reveals riches

The Northern Advocate (08/03/2014). Boat racing risk to dolphins

The Northern Advocate (28/02/2014). Bid to scrap boat race 

Stuff New Zealand (26/02/2014). Powerboat race raises dolphin safety fears

Marlborough Express (01/05/2012). Marlborough base for vital dolphin study 

Napier Mail (03/04/2012). Study reveals birds' amazing strengths 

New Zealand Herald (09/03/2012). Extraordinary footage reveals daredevil dodging gannets

Otago Daily Times (13/11/2011). Dolphin catch breaks fisherman's heart 

Stuff New Zealand (26/09/2011). Endangered turtle rescued by DOC

Stuff New Zealand (16/09/2011). Stranded orca calf dies 

New Zealand Herald (07/07/11). Orca run-in thrills paddler

Voxy (20/10/2010). Whale Strandings- Why do they happen? 

The China Post (25/09/2010). NZ rescuers plan to truck stranded whales to safety 

New Straits Times (24/09/2010). New Zealand rescuers hope to truck stranded whales to safety 

Radio Netherlands Worlwide (24/09/2010). NZ rescuers to truck stranded whales to safety 

Australia Network News (24/09/2010). Efforts to save NZ beached whales 

New Zealand Herald (24/09/2010). A dozen whales refloated, three die

North Harbour News (17/09/2010). Rare dolphin washes up on beach

Tree Hugger (14/09/2010). First Hourglass dolphin in 150 years found on New Zealand shores 

New Zealand Herald (13/09/2010). Rare dolphin found dead on NZ coast

Otago Daily Times (13/09/2010). Rare hourglass dolphin found dead on NZ coast 

Scoop Independent News (13/09/2010). Rare Hourglass dolphin a find for marine research News (13/09/2010). Researchers find rare Hourglass dolphin 

Te Papa's Blog (9/09/2010). Rare dolphin found on Canterbury beach

Department of Conservation (9/09/2010). Rare dolphin washes up at Pohatu/Flea Bay

New Zealand Herald (27/03/2010). What's the difference? WhaThe orca knows  

TVNZ News (26/03/2010). Killer whales flip pseudo orcas for a meal 

New Zealand Herald (1/08/2009). Hand-up for humpbacks

New Zealand Herald (4/07/2009). Big visitors for Milford

New Zealand Herald (22/04/2009). Protected species kills 'concerning'

Rodney Times (10/03/2009). Second Whale found

Scoop (6/03/2009). Whale shooting ‘humane’ says marine biologist

New Zealand Herald (28/02/2009). Rare whale euthanised after beaching